Publications and Books For Sale

Publications and Books For Sale

The Heritage Abbotsford Society is proud to offer a selection of books highlighting our local history and heritage. 

To purchase one of our publications and books, please visit our office at Trethewey House Heritage Site at 2313 Ware Street. For more information, please phone 604-853-0313 or contact us by email at

Purchases can be made using cash, cheque or credit card at the Heritage Site.

Abbotsford, From Village to City: A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

$85/hardcover (limited edition)

Book Cover

Abbotsford, from Village to City: A Commitment ot Excellence and Innovation is a compendium of stories told by individuals who lived through, participated in, and frequently shaped Abbotsford’s evolution from village to city. Topics explored include Abbotsford’s industries, trade, and developments in transportation; centres of compassion and care; justice and protection; culture and education; and the striving for environmental excellence. In these pages, the past comes to life, and the future is born.

Abbotsford, From Village to City: A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation Back Cover

Chapters Include:

  • Making a Living, Making a City by Christina Reid
  • Transportation: From River, Rail, to Road by Jerry Gosling & Sara Bremner
  • The History and Development of Health Care in Abbotsford by Allan Hansom
  • Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service by Don Beer
  • Indo-Canadian History by Satwinder Kaur Bains and Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra
  • The Fight Against SE2 by Patricia Ross
  • ….more 

Matsqui, Sumas, Abbotsford Pioneer Stories: 1890-1950


Pioneer Stories Poster


Matsqui Sumas Abbotsford: Pioneer Stories 1890-1950 is an eclectic collection of almost two hundred stories – many told first hand – of those who settled in the region that is now Abbotsford. Among them are accounts of Italian miners tiling in the Kilgard mines, Scandinavians farming in Matsqui, Sikhs working in the mills, Japanese farming berries, Mennonites clearing “stump land” along Huntingdon Road, and fledgling dairy farmers struggling on Sumas Prairie. You’ll hear from individuals who grew up without electricity or running water, walked miles to a one-room schoolhouse each day, milked cows by hand, helped their fathers dynamite tree stumps, and later ploughed fields with a team of horses. The Depression, the Sumas Prairie flood of 1935, and the Fraser River flood of 1948 all come alive in these tales that offer priceless insights into the lives and times of those who came before us.

Matsqui Sumas Abbotsford: Pioneer Stories 1890-1950 Back Cover

For a table of contents, click here

Alphabetically Abbotsford


Alphabetically Abbotsford

Have you ever wondered about the names and histories of the places and parks in Abbotsford? Or the origin of the street names of Abbotsford? Using street names as a starting point to explore Abbotsford’s colourful history, Alphabetically Abbotsford offers an evenhanded and democratic retelling of the stories and histories behind the communities and areas that make up Abbotsford today.

Entries Include:

  • Dunach Elementary School
  • Marshall Road
  • Old Yale Road
  • Victory Boulevard
  • Abbotsford Gur Sikh Gurdwara
  • Bradner Community and Road

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