Visitor Code of Conduct

Coming for a visit? Learn about our Visitor Code of Conduct right here! Heritage Abbotsford Society operates Trethewey House Heritage Site on behalf of the citizens of Abbotsford. The site is open to all. Respectful sharing of spaces and resources ensures an enriching experience for all our visitors. Appropriate personal behaviour, decorum and conduct are required from visitors at all times. This ensures that every visitor has an equal opportunity to enjoy a meaningful experience. Please be advised that any behaviour that interferes with the rights of others, which distracts others from enjoying the site, or prevents paying patrons from meeting the expected learning outcome of our Heritage Interpretive Program. This includes:

  • Any activity in violation with federal or provincial law, municipal or by-law.
  • Behaviour, language, or sounds that are disruptive, abusive, racist or harassing, or that are perceived to be threatening to customers or staff.
  • Loitering while not actively conducting research or viewing the exhibits, or refusing to leave at closing.
  • Obstructing or monopolizing space or equipment to the exclusion of others;
  • Possessing weapons or other items deemed dangerous;
  • Being under the influence or possessing drugs or alcohol;
  • The abuse, theft or vandalism of facilities, equipment or materials.

Additionally, our Visitor Code of Conduct states:

  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an individual 18 years of age or older.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in any of the Museum galleries.
  • Visitors are to refrain from shouting, running, and other disruptive behaviour.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Museum. Service animals are permitted with presentation of official certification upon arrival.
  • To preserve the artifacts on display, visitors are not to touch or lean on any of the exhibits or displays.
  • Photography is permitted for personal use only, with hand-held equipment. No flash photography, please.
  • Any actions that support or commemorate current or historical hate groups (including propaganda or display of sensitive symbols) are not permitted.
  •  The Society does not allow items that promote, support or glorify hatred towards people based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation (collectively considered “protected groups”), nor does it permit items or content that promote organizations or people with such views. Items or displays that contain racial slurs or derogatory language about protected groups are strictly prohibited.
  • Obstructing the use of public areas such as entrances, foyers, lobbies, corridors, concourses, offices, elevators, escalators, stairways, roadways, driveways, or walkways is not permitted.
  • Tampering with fire- and life-safety devices, such as fire extinguishers or alarm pull stations, is not permitted.
  • Threatening, resisting, intimidating, or intentionally interfering with staff engaged in their official duties is prohibited.

Please be aware that the staff are authorized to bring to an individual’s attention any act or omission that violates the rules listed above. Staff will first ask the individual to modify their behaviour to conform to the rules. Should the individual refuse to modify their behaviour, they will be asked to leave the facility. Failure to leave when asked may result in the police being called. Any person violating the rules listed above may have his or her privileges suspended and/or revoked for a period of time.